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Tipo de ActividadCurso/Seminario/Workshop
Area(s) de interésVIDA Biología, Ecología, y Medioambiente
SALU Salud
DenominaciónWorkshop “Molecular causes of primary microcephaly and related diseases”
Fecha Inicio18/11/2019Fecha Finalización20/11/2019

Lugar de celebraciónBaeza - Jaén - España

This workshop belongs to the workshop series "Current Trends in Biomedicine", organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) at the "Sede Antonio Machado" (Baeza, Spain).

More information and application at https://www.unia.es/biomedicine

Primary microcephaly is a neurodevelopmental disorder that leads to a smaller brain and is associated with mild to severe mental retardation. More than 50 rare disorders characterized by microcephaly have been identified and its incidence is increasing due to the emergence of Zika virus. The spectrum of molecular defects that give rise to the condition are not yet clear but defects in DNA damage signaling, DNA replication and repair, mitosis, centrosome duplication, ciliogenesis, metabolism and translation, as well as a number of viral pathogens, have been shown to cause microcephaly. The workshop will bring together experts in neurobiology, the molecular processes and agents that underlie microcephaly and will feature diverse and emergent model systems to study its etiology and molecular underpinnings, including human brain organoids and the use of gene editing technologies.