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Tipo de ActividadCurso/Seminario/Workshop
Area(s) de interésVIDA Biología, Ecología, y Medioambiente
SALU Salud
DenominaciónWorkshop “Actin-based mechanosensation and force generation in health and disease”
Fecha Inicio11/11/2019Fecha Finalización13/11/2019

Lugar de celebraciónBaeza - Jaén - España

This workshop belongs to the workshop series "Current Trends in Biomedicine", organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) at the "Sede Antonio Machado" (Baeza, Spain).

More information and application at https://www.unia.es/biomedicine

The actin cytoskeleton provides pushing and pulling forces that are precisely coordinated in complex processes, such as cell migration. A large array of machineries controlling actin polymerization and motors driving actin filament contraction have been identified, force generation has been reconstituted in vitro, and the underlying molecular mechanisms are relatively well understood. Recent evidence, however, suggests that the actin cytoskeleton is as critical for sensing forces as it is for generating forces in the cell. These two roles of actin seem to be intimately coupled. Cells exert forces to the underlying substratum and to neighboring cells, and simultaneously sense the mechanical properties of their environment and the provided external forces. Dissection of these intermingled mechanisms is a major challenge that requires a multidisciplinary approach, where physicists and engineers team up with cell and molecular biologists. One of the main goals of the workshop is to draw...