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Tipo de ActividadCurso/Seminario/Workshop
Area(s) de interésVIDA Biología, Ecología, y Medioambiente
SALU Salud
DenominaciónWorkshop “From Genes to Organisms: Transcriptional Control in Development and Disease”
Fecha Inicio28/10/2019Fecha Finalización30/10/2019

Lugar de celebraciónBaeza - Jaén - España

This workshop belongs to the workshop series "Current Trends in Biomedicine", organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) at the "Sede Antonio Machado" (Baeza, Spain).

More information and application at https://www.unia.es/biomedicine

Complex organisms originate through intricate gene expression patterns that control developmental processes in space and time. Such patterns are the result of multiple regulatory layers that merge with an exquisite precision. On the one hand, the nuclear environment of the cell imposes a specific transcriptional response. On the other hand, external signals, such as morphogen gradients or cell-to-cell interactions, are sensed and propagated. Such processes converge to create unique cellular identities that are the basis of developmental growth and differentiation.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together internationally recognized scientists with different and multidisciplinary expertise in the field of transcriptional regulation. The proposed program aims to cover an ample variety of aspects, such as 3D chromatin organization and the regulatory non-coding genome. The combination of in vivo research models as well as non-model organisms will provide a deep perspective on how...