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Tipo de ActividadCurso/Seminario/Workshop
Area(s) de interésVIDA Biología, Ecología, y Medioambiente
SALU Salud
DenominaciónWorkshop “From cancer to developmental defects: the control of DNA segregation and human dsease”
Fecha Inicio14/10/2019Fecha Finalización16/10/2019

Lugar de celebraciónBaeza - Jaén - España

This workshop belongs to the workshop series "Current Trends in Biomedicine", organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) at the "Sede Antonio Machado" (Baeza, Spain).

More information and application at https://www.unia.es/biomedicine

The segregation of chromosomes during cell division is a critical event that must be strictly regulated to protect against disease. Problems during the distribution of the genomic material in mitosis are associated with tumorigenesis, while errors during chromosome segregation in meiosis, the process by which gametes are generated, is a leading cause of spontaneous abortion and can result in different genetic disorders. To protect against these errors, cells have developed an elaborate machinery to control the segregation and proper distribution of the chromosomes during their division. Surveillance mechanisms monitor this process to ensure its fidelity and the maintenance of a correct cellular ploidy.

During this Workshop, we aim to provide an overview of our present knowledge about the process of chromosome segregation and the implications of improper distribution of the genomic material for human disease. The workshop will feature novel and fascinating research from outstanding...