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Tipo de ActividadCurso/Seminario/Workshop
Area(s) de interésVIDA Biología, Ecología, y Medioambiente
SALU Salud
DenominaciónWorkshop "Contribution of bacterial injection systems to human disease"
Fecha Inicio05/11/2018Fecha Finalización07/11/2018

Lugar de celebraciónBaeza - Jaén - España

This workshop belongs to the series "Current Trends in Biomedicine", organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía at the Sede Antonio Machado of Baeza (Andalusia, Spain).

More information and application att http://www.unia.es/biomedicine

Bacterial secretion systems are trans-envelope multiprotein assemblies devoted to the transport of specific macromolecules. In particular, the Type III, Type IV and Type VI secretion systems share the ability to inject their substrates into human cells, playing an important role in virulence. The transported substrates, so-called effectors, modulate cellular processes for the benefit of the bacterial pathogens. Their role in pathogenesis has been well established in an increasing number of human pathogens causing diseases such as salmonellosis, legionellosis, brucellosis, lung pneumonia, gastric ulcer, or gastric carcinomas. In spite of the differences among these secretion systems, they all converge into a number of common strategies of human cell subversion. This workshop aims to gather experts in each secretion system in order to compare them and to highlight common targets in the human cell. The workshop will address our knowledge of the architecture of the secretion machinerie...